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Jan 3, 2013 7:00am PST
help superstar standing victims. the vote was stalled by speaker john boehner . east coast leaders were furious. >> including fellow republicans new jersey gov. chris christie and congressman peter king. >> the outcry promptedboehnr to do an about-face in get the bill moving again. >> the two votes will bring in $60 billion which is absolutely necessary to york, new jersey, connecticut. >> the two boabolts one will cover $9 million for the federal insurance program. the second half will come general 15th that will hand over the remaining 51 billion. >> it has been over 65 days since the storm and the relief aid has not been approved yet. it took congress only 10 days to approve relief for hurricane katrina victims. >> the 113th congress will convene at noon eastern time as newly elected members of the house of representatives and the senate are turned in. >> the new congress still faces disputes that play the dysfunctional 112 congress, one of the least productive and more than 60 years. >> tea part years within the republican ranks are insisting on fiscal discipline, while democra
Jan 2, 2013 7:00am PST
? >> no. boehner was still be the speaker. his power was broken up a little bit. he did not show a lot of leadership in these last few weeks. the fact is is that they still control the house representatives. the senate, the 40 can still block anything that goes out. >> will there be any major surprises? >> the only major surprise is how much the president received from the deal. he did receive a stimulus tax credit for manufacturing and especially for the bay area periods this is for biofuel and everything like that. this was an interesting win for the president's and the question is, drew a line through the senate was why do we need to pay these obligations and no reason why this should of been a part of the deal. the second issue was set the republicans are not sign that they dealt with revenue in that they do not want to do more revenue. this is their way of how they had their george bush moment. george bush made them vote on these credits. they're trying to renew this again this will be a problem because if you try to balance said they're not going to give it to him. >> mainly, we may
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2